01/ traffic control & traffic controllers

Traffic Control

M1 Traffic Control works with clients in need of traffic control, to design a traffic management plan, organise permits, liaise with any relevant authorities and keep you up to date on the process. When the traffic control is required, we select the best possible crew to be on site. M1 Traffic Control strives to be an industry leader and we know that having the right employees is vital in achieving this. We recruit traffic controllers that can professionally and positively represent our company. All M1 Traffic Controllers are licensed and accredited to perform traffic control duties and drivers are qualified in accordance with the Australian Standard.


02/ labour hire


Qualified and experienced electrical spotters reduce the possibility of workers coming into contact with overhead and underground assets that can be dangerous. M1 Traffic Control has electrical spotters who are qualified to observe the operation of a work site and warn the workers when they are about to encroach the close proximity of an overhead or underground assetproudly provide equal opportunity by employing people of all genders, races, religions, cultures and employing people with disability.

Trades and Labour

Operating under the same code of conduct and standards as M1 Traffic Control. M1 Traffic Control Trades and Labour division supplies casual and permanent staff for companies operating in all industries. We offer an extensive pool of carefully screened individuals available to your business at short notice for either casual or permanent employment. We realize our company’s name is on the line with every worker we provide. This is why we use a meticulous screening process to ensure that all personnel supplied uphold our reputation of quality, safety and efficiency. All M1 Traffic Control Trades Labour personnel are selected for their initiative, professionalism and “can-do” attitude. They are encouraged to identify and report faults and client dissatisfaction, not only in their designated area of work but across any aspect of a job


03/ traffic management plans

Traffic Management

Each Traffic management plan is created by our experienced planning team using the latest computer softwares. Traffic management plans are made to suit the worksite. Traffic management planning is an important task as any possible dangers must be considered. Plans are vital for anyone working near roads or pedestrians as safety of workers, pedestrians and nearby drivers is a priority. Our planning team ensures all situations are taken into account when developing the plans. Traffic management plans are also important as authorities and councils require plans for permit processing.


04/ Fleet


Our company owns and operates 45 fully equipped vehicles which are constantly maintained to ensure safety and availability. Each vehicle is fitted with a GPS. The GPS in each of the vehicles ensures safety standards are met, traffic controllers arrive on site at appropriate times and vehicle maintenance is kept up to date. Unlike many traffic control companies, we also own and operate our own TMA vehicles. Each TMA vehicle features Scorpian 180 Energy Absorption Units and VMS Board Capabilities to ensure safety is paramount whilst on site.

About Us

M Group Trades and Labour is a construction services company that provides services for the construction, film and events industry. We are a leading supplier of traffic management and construction personnel (labourers, carpenters and other qualified tradesmen) in Melbourne and across Victoria.

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